Top gifts to buy for a Tesla owner this Christmas... at a hefty discount

2022-12-09 06:02:32 By : Ms. Lorna Lee

If you want to surprise the Tesla owner in your life this holiday season with a gift they’ll love – or heck, treat yourself! – check out these beautiful accessories made by US and Canadian company Tesloid. The company’s founders are Tesla owners who design accessories and provide customer service they themselves want. Or, as they put it, “Teslas are premium cars and we deserve a premium experience to match that of the cars. So we took the matter into our own hands.”

Tesloid is offering Electrek readers a generous 25% discount off its irresistible accessories. Use the coupon code Electrek25 at checkout to get Tesloid’s biggest discount all year, and check out Tesloid’s top 5 gift ideas below. Aftermarket Floor Mats

Top gifts to buy for a Tesla owner this Christmas... at a hefty discount

These frunk bags for Tesla Model 3 or Y would make an awesome gift, and you get two bags to boot. (No pun intended, UK readers.) They’re super durable, so you can overstuff them for a weekend road trip or air travel alike, and they’ll still fit seamlessly into your frunk. They feature a laptop pocket, dual zippers, and a comfortable shoulder pad on the strap. To give an idea of what each bag would fit, it’s roomy enough to fit a MacBook Air, four shirts, shorts, a pair of jeans, big headphones, a toiletry bag, and a pair of men’s shoes.

Give the gift of fun with this cooler bag, and Tesla drivers can ditch heavy, clunky coolers that waste valuable car space. The frunk cooler bag’s left side is thermally insulated for hot or cold food and drinks, and the right is a “pantry” side for everything else. There’s also a detachable icebag that has a waterproof base and water-resistant zippers. So you can grab a quick snack and a drink straight out of your frunk if you’re in a hurry, or hoist up the cooler bag by its handles and head to the park for a relaxing picnic. And imagine going to a tailgate party with this tidy setup!

Give the gift of the great outdoors with Tesloid’s super versatile and convenient Tesla Model Y camping tent, which is custom tailored to fit the Model Y’s tail space. You can either set up a post around your Model Y, or after a day of exploring, simply dock the rear of your car right inside the tent.

The 100% waterproof tent features a 7-foot ceiling and nearly 50 square feet of indoor living place as well as 25 square feet of shaded porch. And that’s not even counting the sleeping area inside your Model Y – a bonus for folks who aren’t keen ground sleepers. (Tesloid makes a handy inflatable mattress that fits in the Model Y’s trunk.) The tent is user friendly: It comes in a compact carrying bag and springs open in less than 30 seconds, and you can fine-tune the setup in around 20 minutes.

There are a lot of floor mats on the market for Teslas, but Tesloid’s offerings are a sure bet if you want quality, durability, and a precise fit. Model 3 and Model Y have two floor mat options: 3D extreme performance or 3D comfort performance. They cost the same, but here’s the difference: The extreme performance is made of tough TPE, and the comfort performance is made of durable material. If you’re hiking through mud or snow, or have toddlers, go with the extreme performance mats. For everyday wear and tear, comfort performance will suit your purpose. Model S drivers can opt for the extreme performance option only.

Tesloid also has a lot of other cool offerings for Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X. The company makes a Model Y roof sunshade screen for $99.99 before the 25% discount that clips in easily. Tesloid’s Model 3 interior accessories include a console wrap for $49.99 before the discount in carbon fiber, matte black, white, and wood. And for Model X and Model S drivers, there are screen protectors and pedal covers.

You don’t want to miss this sale, as Tesloid won’t go this low again for quite a while. Plus, you’re assured of the best quality products, a smooth shipping process, and Tesloid even ships internationally – exactly what every holiday shopper needs. Remember to use the coupon code Electrek25 at checkout to get your 25% off. Happy holidays, fine Tesla people.

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Top gifts to buy for a Tesla owner this Christmas... at a hefty discount

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